Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Top 5 Wednesday

Hello fellow readers, today is going to be my first time in participating in  T5W, a fun post to discuss some random ideas and thoughts.If you would like to join just check out Lainey's goodreads account. 

Today's topic on hand :Top Authors You Discovered This Year.

At first , I thought this would be hard but looking at the books this year I have discovered quite a bit of authors!

                                     1. Lauren Destefano 
Perfect ruin is one of my favorite all time books, and the beautiful writing done by Laren has made me fall in love with her books. Only to discovered her books in 2015 , I hope to read much more books from her. 

2.Sally Green 
Once again , reading one novel from her this year, Sally is a author who I can't believe I have only discovered her this year,Still haven't gotten into Half Wild yet , but it will be read soon !!

3.Robert Galbraith
This counts right ??? Besides the fact that Robert and JK.Rowling are the same person , technically they are not.I have discovered Galbraith series , The Cuckoo's Calling , and soon couldn't stop myself from buying The Silkworm.Galbraith is able to write a modern mystery book that is interesting and compelling. 

4.Matthew Quick 
I put him here because there are plenty of books I
want to read from him and just started with his recent book , The good luck of right now in 2015. I adored this book from the minute I started and really liked the writing style and character development Quick has in his book.I am soo glad I finally read one his book and can not wait to read his other novels.

5. Patrick Ness 
I am late to the party right ... so late that I missed the cake.Ugh I know but you know what its never too late to begin reading Patrick Ness book.I started with the knife of never letting go and had some troubles with it but in the end loved it and saw what was so amazing with patrick ness. His ideas are so out there and different and I love that about his novels.I am currently reading More than this and I am quite enjoying it so far.

Well there you have it,a handful of authors I admire and can not believe it took me this long to pick of their novels.

If you guys have any comments or concerns with my T5W comment down below, question my                                                                     my insane list.


  1. Sally Green was on my list last year, Patrick Ness would be on this years along with Leigh Bardugo and Melinda Salisbury <3

    Enchanted by YA:

    1. Leigh Bardugo is an author who I really want to read especially the grisha trilogy!!!!

      Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. I really want to read Half Bad although I actually have no idea what it's about but the title and cover just really call to me ;-)
    Great post! And I did this as well:
    If you would like to check it out;)

    1. Half Bad is quite amazing, you should definitely check it out!
      Thanks for stopping by !