Saturday, 10 October 2015

October Tbr.

Welcome to a spooktacular month , which includes midterms, Halloween town reruns and books.Hopefully I can muster up a good reading month as the year fastly approaches 2016.Here is a list of books I hope to reader with a cozy sweater.
1.The Wrath and The Dawn by Renee Ahdieh.
This books reminds me of October , I really don't know why but it does.Maybe a Arabian theme Halloween party could be in my future? Anyways I bought this a couple days ago and cant wait to start this hyped up book.
2.The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith.
I am soo excited to read this book.I fell in love with first book and can not wait to see where this 2nd one leads Mr,Strike.Ugh a good mystery book is always a must read for me.
3.Tiny Pretty Things by Sona Charaipotra and Dhonielle Clayton.
 Murderous ballerinas , I am in.This story follows young ballerinas in the cutthroat world of dance. I hope for a lot of drama and blood.
4.Liars Inc by Paula Stokes.
A kid who pretty much creates a mini career out of lying for others , kind of badass right? Till one kid is lost , maybe died while meeting an online friend.This mystery novel sounds intriguing and promising.Hopeful this has awesome plot twists.
5.Schizo by Nic Sheff.
The novel follow the main protagonist who deal with schizophrenia and the mysterious disappearance of his brother ,which he still blames himself for.He tries to deal with everyday teenage struggle and try to find his lost brother.I have already read this book and thoroughly enjoyed it .Expect a review coming out soon.
5 books, not that much but hopefully and I can fit those in with school.Anyways I hope everyone has a spooky month.Also check back on here for upcoming reviews and discussions at this blog.
Have a happy October, and let yourself indulge in some goodies and watch some Halloween classics such as twitches!


  1. Omg i wanna read the wrath and the dawn too! That's gonna be on my TBR list in November! Anyway, looking at the genres you're reading! You might wanna check out this book called Poor Little Dead Girls! I'm reading it now and loving it so far!
    Anyway your blog is beautiful!! Check out mine at

    Nice meeting you :D


    1. Poor little dead girls sounds like a book up my alley! Totally going to check that one out.Thanks for stopping by here :)

  2. Great TBR! Especially The Wrath and the Dawn!! Good to know that there's someone else who hasn't read it yet :-)

    Gina @ A Thousand Books

    1. Yes, i am one of those individuals who is always late to the parties! Glad you liked this post and for stopping by!!!